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           What is Belle Ame at Home?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This feels a bit more structured than what has been recommended in the past and I’m confused. 

Belle Ame at Home isn’t a final destination but is being offered as a familiar stepping stone and tool, especially for families who are new to the Well-Educated Heart. Many have felt if they could just “see” what artful living looks like in action they could have the courage to adapt it more specifically for their family.

What age is BAAH for? How does it work in conjunction with WEH academy? 

WEH Academy can help fill a need for academic classes for middle schoolers, high schoolers and even older. Belle Ame at Home focuses on the arts, primarily with the younger crowd in mind, but interested families will want to look for the Teen Corner where they'll find a specific Friendship Group for the older crowd and mentor-led topics ie. Shakespeare, book clubs, etc.

There really is something for everyone within this community. The singing classes provide something for as young as babies, but in our beta test group, we had high school teens who enjoyed it.  The drawing classes can be started with preschoolers, but even our accomplished artist teacher has expanded her skills through this method.  Storytelling is for everyone as are the cooking classes.  There will be craft options for littles and ones for older kids.  Same with sewing.  If you are doing the sewing machine options, she suggests age 10 and up, maybe age 8 with help.  Hand sewing will also be an option.  Folk dancing is for everyone.   

Will there be a routine schedule of releases? For example will Monart be Monday, music be Tuesday?

Every Saturday morning the next week's offerings will unlock giving time for you to preview and plan.  These are pre-recorded, view on-demand offerings. (The exception is our music teacher who would like to offer a live session for those who can join, but it will be recorded for viewing at your convenience.) You will find a music class, an art class, a cooking class, a storytelling class, plus the sewing and craft options among other things.  

In addition, there will be four 'Inspiration Stations'--these are short 5 to 10 minute orientations to the day with a quick inspirational thought that can be used for copywork or memorization, if you choose.  

There will also be four 'prompts'--ideas for discussion or interaction within the zoom call 'friendship' groups. You are completely in charge as to how many you use or when you watch them or which ones you choose.  

Once a class is posted, will it be removed at some point or can it be accessed at future dates? 

Most classes will be available for 4 weeks and then will be archived until the next rotation round. The exception is the art class.  The lessons build upon each other and so will always be accessible so that people can start from the beginning whenever they join.  There are 'breather' weeks for catch up.

Are kids going to be in front of a screen for an hour every day being taught by someone other than their mother?  What time are the classes? 

The art, singing, cooking, drawing, crafting, sewing, etc. classes are pre-recorded and on demand. We envision these are family activities. They are 30 to 45 minutes. 

We also facilitate the formation of groups where kids can share with each other, play together, discuss, build friendships over zoom. We will offer 'prompts' of things they can do together and share and there will be different ways of interacting. Ideally, there will be opportunities to get together in person, too. But you are in charge as to how often and how long, etc. Free Zoom calls are 40 minutes, so we expect group times wouldn't be longer than that. 

That leaves plenty of time in your days to do whatever you want. We're trying to supplement and support, not replace you.

Can you explain the Friendship Groups a little more?

It can be hard to try and practice living the WEH in isolation.  In addition to the daily offerings our platform can help you find families nearby or you may even connect your kids with other kids who don't live nearby, but who have similar interests.  There is something inspiring when you see other people engage in the same kinds of things you are doing.  The daily prompts will help give the groups direction and opportunities to collaborate and share. 

Is participation in a group required?  

You aren't 'required' to do anything in this platform.  You can choose what works for your needs and circumstances.  

Can we subscribe to just one or two areas? 

Because of the nature of all that will be offered and the platform we are using, it has to be an all or nothing subscription.

Can one person subscribe and use the program with our in-person co-op? 

No, each family needs their own subscription. 

Will this be a year round program? 

Yes, but summers will look different.

What if I already have a Biblioguides membership?

Monthly accounts will be converted and annual subscribers will receive a pro-rated refund.  Look for more information inside the community. 

Will I be able to use my education reimbursement program and can I get a receipt?

You’ll need to verify with your provider.  The Mighty Network does provide a monthly receipt under your profile. 

What if BAAH isn't a good fit for my family? 

Membership is month to month.  Simply cancel your account and you won't be charged for the next billing cycle. There are no refunds.